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I am a woman of Celtic heritage born and raised in Australia. I am a daughter, mother and grandmother. My creative drive and personal strength is drawn from the women past and present in my family. I am an artist, designer and tutor working in hand crafted lettering design, Celtic art, drawing, painting and mixed media works on paper, canvas and glassware. I am also experimenting with printmaking, pyrography, engraving & decorating gourds.
Growing up Australian in the 70’s meant that identity was all about sporting prowess, of which I could not relate to. I grew up surrounded by creative pursuits, from 18th century paintings in tempera by my predecessors to the highly skilled fibre work & sketches of my mother & grandmother. They encouraged me to make and create through exploration of materials and skills they taught me. My mother opened my eyes to calligraphy and Celtic art with her stories about *The Book of Kells and the facsimile held in the Mitchell Library, where she worked as a young woman in Sydney.

Exploring Marta's Art

Marta shares her inspiration for her contemporary art, which draws on ancient art practices such as calligraphy, illumination, gilding and Celtic art.

Beauty Of Art

Through studying calligraphy I discovered the beauty of working with watercolour gouache and pigment inks on rag papers, parchments and vellum ( Vellum is made from calf skin prepared as a fine grain writing surface ). I enjoy layering acrylic backgrounds with lettering and design overlaid in watercolour gouache and highlights of raised gold. The tools I favour are very fine pointed brushes and calligraphy pens with square-cut or pointed nibs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calligraphy is the art of creating beautiful hand lettering using various pen nibs and brushes with inks and paints. Calligraphy comes from the Greek word ‘kalligraphia’ meaning ‘beautiful writing’.

A font is a computer typeface created from a hand lettered style and is static. A script is a hand lettered style of writing using pen nibs or brushes and has the versatility to be adapted to suit any project.

Yes, weddings need calligraphy for a variety of stationery items. I also design certificates for education organisations, competitions, and corporate clients, including the recipient names. I create one off gifts of poetry, personalising gift wares, letters to significant others, and tattoo designs. As well as labels for products (eg. Wine labels), signs, logo design, book and magazine covers, bookplates, and more….

The tradition of Celtic art dates back thousands of years. Historically, it best known by three Christian gospel manuscripts: The Book of Durrow, The Lindisfarne Gospels, and The Book of Kells, produced during the period A.D. 600 – 800 in Scotland and Ireland. Also, in exquisite examples of Anglo-Saxon jewellery found in the archaeological dig at Sutton Hoo.

Celtic Art has 5 styles of pattern and design: Interlacing Knots; Step Patterns; Spirals; Key Patterns; and Zoomorphic design which includes plants, animals and the human figure intertwined with knots.

Aussie-Celtic Art is a modern genre of art I created to blend Celtic art styles with Australian plants and animals. This artform represents my identity as an Australian with Celtic heritage, conveying principles and ideas of environmental sustainability as essential to our human wellbeing.

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