Dreaming Notre Dame de Paris


Image size: 480 x 480 mm

Framed size: 800 x 800 mm

Media: Watercolour gouache, Sakura gold powder with Gum Arabic, hot-press watercolour paper.

Story: While visiting my son in Paris many of my walks took me past Notre Dame cathedral. I love the many ‘faces’ of the cathedral. This painting is an attempt to bring elements of the cathedral into a design of my own style. The centre represents the rose window, the next border section is the ironwork design found on the huge front timber doors and the gold entwined animals represent the gargoyles which direct water away from the walls of the building.

Notre Dame de Paris, completed in 1345, in French Gothic style. The South Rose Window is a central element over the transept façade, installed in 1260. The doors ornamented with metal scrollwork open beneath the west façade’s central portal. Notre Dame’s gargoyles are built into the ends of the gutters to drain water away from the walls and prevent damage. The chimeras are simply decoration.


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