Tree of Life – Mangrove


Story: The mangroves along the shores of waterways near my Central Coast home inspired this piece along with my passion for environmental sustainability. This is a multi media painting. The wording was inspired by my work in teaching sustainability solutions for Australian households.

Image size: 335 x 460 mm

Framed size: 595 x 720 mm

Media: Acrylic, watercolour gouache, canvas.

The wording reads: ‘Trees make life on Earth infinitely liveable by absorbing carbon, making oxygen, fixing nitrogen in soils, filtering and cleaning water, storing energy, providing food & shelter, & nursery grounds for myriad species. Trees feed our souls with beauty in the changing colours of season, & plentiful shapes, colour & texture of leaf, bark, flowers, fruit & seed. We are interconnected with nature’s cycle of life.’ Author & artist Marta Lett.



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