Bush Blooms 2


Image Size: 300mm x 300mm
Framed Size: 570mm x 570mm
Watercolour gouache, Dr. Ph. Martin’s gold ink, 23ct gold leaf, watercolour paper.

A warm spring day after a cool evening in the Australian bush. The waratahs are in bloom and some gum blossoms can be seen high in the tree foliage. The sky is unbelievably blue seen through the myriad dusty greens of eucalypts and gums. Leaves, bark and bush debris litter the ground where curled gumleaves can be found.

My interpretation of this scene is filtered through the prism of my Celtic heritage and the land of my birth, where I am connected and belong. Describing in Celtic patterns the unending cycle of life where there is no beginning or end, reminding us how we are all interconnected with all of nature around us.



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