Calligraphy For All Occasions

For your logo & lettering design, certificates, name tags/badges, poetry, formal documents, Heraldry, illumination & more using traditional or contemporary styles to suit your needs.

Past Commissions

I welcome creative commissions of any size. Each piece of calligraphy, Celtic art, illustration or design, no matter how small or large, is created with equal care and attention to detail. I have over 20 years’ experience working with individuals, families, graphic artists, publishers, business, & community groups.

Creating a Stunning Celtic Step Pattern Painting

Watch as Marta brings a beautiful Celtic Step Pattern to life through the art of painting. In this mesmerizing video, she showcases her skill and attention to detail, guiding you through the process of creating this intricate artwork. Immerse yourself in the graceful strokes and vibrant colors as the Celtic Step Pattern unfolds on the paper, capturing the essence of this ancient art form. Join us on this artistic journey and discover the magic of painting a Celtic Step Pattern.

Script Styles

Peruse my galleries of script examples, fill out the Enquiry Form below and click on the submit button. I will reply within 24 hrs

Commissions Enquiry Form

    What Happens Next

    As each commission is unique I will follow up your inquiry promptly with a few additional questions to ensure I reach a full understanding of your desired project.
    Once we are both satisfied that the details are clear and understood, I will then provide you with a written quote and estimated date of commencement.
    When you have approved the quote and I have received all relevant material to commence the work, I can then provide you with an estimated date of completion.
    Once the work is completed I will send you email notification with a photograph/scan of the work for your approval. Please note that it is important to proof read any wordingbefore sending me your approval of the finished artwork. Payment is due once the work is approved and before delivery.

    Pick up or delivery of work will be according to prior agreement, either in person from my studio or sent by Australia Post registered mail to your nominated postal address. “