Miser Purse


Story: The Miser Purse is also known as a Medieval Puzzle Purse. I have been crocheting these little purses for over 35 years, originally for family then for markets, galleries & special orders.

This design dates back to medieval times and is only one of several variations of the pattern. My Irish great grandmother brought the pattern to Australia and my grandmother made them for her grandchildren. We all had miser purses made in pale blue rayon silk. Grandma Millie taught me to crochet and I love making them in as many different colours as I can find. To crochet with the largest possible range of colours I use mercerized cottons, rayon silks & soft cottons. The cottons will stretch with use, though are strong and long wearing. I’ve known them to outlast a leather wallet.

Allow 3-4 days for me to crochet your very own Medieval Miser Purse.

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How to use:
OPEN by pinching some of the fabric under the flap and pulling the strings through. Part the strings to put coins in and take them out. CLOSE by holding the ring in one hand and the flap in the other hand, then pulling them in opposite directions ’til closed.

No. 20 Mercerized cottons, Rayon Silk, or Soft cotton. Size varies due to materials used: Average 70mm x 170mm

Size varies due to materials used:
Average 70mm x 170mm

Discover the Elegance of the Miser Purse: A Guide to Effortless Style

Introducing the Miser Purse, a stunning piece of artistry that combines functionality with impeccable design.Join us on a journey as we showcase the versatile nature of the Miser Purse and demonstrate how to use it in you every day life

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Colour choices

A – Deep Blue, B – Denim Blue, C – Blue, D – Ocean V. Blue, E – Pale Blue, F – Sky V. Blue, G – Aqua Blue, H- White, I – Teal Green, J – Pale Green, K – Lime V. Green, L – Pistachio Green, M – Leaf V. Green, N – Fuchsia V. Pink, O – Soft Pink, P – Deep V. Pink, Q – Purple, R – Mixed Berries, S – Lavender Patch, T – Mauve, U – Deep Purple, V – Dark V. Purples, W – Red, X – Deep V. Red, Y – Burgundy, Z – Red Berry Mix, AA – Tutti Fruitti V, BB/ HH – Primary Mix, CC – Watermelon V, DD – Ocean Breeze V, EE – Lemons & Grapes V, FF – Blueberry V, GG – Mixed Grapes, HH – Carnival V, II – Sunflower, JJ – Deep V. Yellow, KK – Orange, LL – Orange Sunset V


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